Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Paintings from this year so far.

Hello Everyone, 

I am on the eve of going out to Hartford, CT to start my MFA in Illustration.  Link

Here are a few Paintings I've recently done. I've been trying to get better at painting as it is the coolest medium to create art with (other than pen and ink).

I've experimented with various mixed media techniques and have found this one to be of my liking. It is a process inspired by C.F. Payne and Sterling Hundley. 

The Monster/Devil is my latest one. Followed by the Roosters, which I painted for my mother—who loves roosters—for her birthday and a multiple perspective boot I did as a classroom demonstration. The last one is just a Watercolor painting of a Manikin bird. I like drawing and painting birds. Enjoy.



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