Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MFA Assignment

Here is my first MFA assignment from my MFA program at The University of Hartford for their MFA in Illustration program. Here is the program's website, I highly recommend it. Squint.

The first finished art assignment (there have been many drafts, thumbnails, and written papers) is to create a magazine cover in the fashion of a famous illustrator, mimicking their style on a cover of a magazine they would've worked for, all with a celebrity of the time featured on the cover. 

I did two. The first one is modeled after J.C. Leyendecker's style (I know it's not quite there but I did my best) for the Saturday Evening Post. It is of the first star of football... Jim Thorpe. I probably should've included his name on the byline at the bottom but was really pressed for time and didn't feel I had time to find the font used on the Saturday Evening Post or recreate it. Probably should've anyways. 

This second one I did last second. It is in the style of James Montgomery Flagg for a Time Magazine cover in his day. When compared to the Post, one must wonder how Time survived with such a bland cover and art director.
This Portrait is more of a traditional portrait of Red Grange. I did this one since I feel more comfortable drawing, especially in pen and ink and wanted to see if my initial gut feeling to try and tackle Leyendecker was wrong or not. Then again Flagg's style (although a knock off of Charles Dana Gibson) is pretty tough too. I'll probably take both with me to the contact period. 

Why football celebrities? Well it is the season, is it not?



Some Cartooning Stuff and What Have You

I've never been asked by anyone at my church to do any drawings of any sorts... 
But a couple weeks ago I was asked and ripped this out one saturday. 
Hopefully they don't want me to do more this quality or I could get busy. 

Here are some pages that I put together for a portfolio for a Job in the animation industry for a Character Sketch artist... 
Unfortunately by the time I got the portfolio off with some other stuff the job was taken off the market... 
Oh well maybe some other time. I've kept most of these off the blog since they are sketches for a graphic novel I'd eventually like to do. 
There are also a few other things mixed in over the years. 

Hopefully you see some stuff you like.



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