Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Recent design jobs and logos

Okay, It's been awhile since the last post. So here are some things that I have been working on of late. Most of these are logos and design work since my drawings have been all geared towards a goal that I will post about later.
This first logo "The Tugboat" is for an artist collective my friends want to start with me. We made up the logo today at work since we didn't have any work to do. (don't worry we weren't on the clock).
Trent who is the impetus for this collective drew a tug boat and I put it in illustrator and cleaned and spiffed it up, added a windshield/door, some life preservers and some smoke. I know my Graphic Design instructor from UVU would probably roll his eyes that I used Cooper Black but it seemed to fit the style and name perfect. And I wanted something at the bottom there so I slapped on "modus operandi" for kicks. I like it.

This is a logo design (kinda still in the works) for a designer toy company my friends (same as the friends from the tugboat logo above) wanted to do with me but has yet to see any progress in other than the logo. That I made. This has both the regular and the bloody version. The company is called Teg toys. i'm not sure if i'll put toys on there... probably will some time. The font is just a modified version of Century Gothic, all put together to look like one of those old 70s-80s fisher-price dolls... dead.

This is a logotype I did for a friend's band called "A Failsafe Story". They are kinda punky, third wave emo
sounding. If you get a chance I recommend checking them out. This logotype was done after I did a quick logo for
the band but they wanted a regular looking cool looking lettering. So I based this kinda on a font I saw on dafont
but I didn't use that font. I used San Serif and hand kerned the type super tight and changed a couple other things.
I like how this turned out. It kinda looks Modern meets 80s. Simple, bold. says it right. here are the stacked and
horizontal versions.

This was a project I did at work for a local school's track coach for their cross country camp they have every year. This is completely his idea. I like working with him since he always has great ideas for shirts that let me explore my abilities. Another reason I like this is cause last semester or so walking around BYU I saw some crappy rip off/parody of the Fairley/Obama "hope" poster. It was terrible. At the time I wondered if I could do better. Well here they are side by side so you can judge for yourself. I think it turned out great and even figured how to get those shaded lines just right in illustrator. It was actually quite simple when I thought about for a second.

This was done for my last roommate's website company he is recently doing. I just threw it together for him. Helps to be able to do these type of things to do in exchange for paying for the utilities. I kinda like it. I think in retrospect I would use a different font though...

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