Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pulp hope envy

Okay. I've been reading a lot of paul pope's comics lately. The guy is incredible. So i've been trying to mimic his style a little seeing what i can come up with. Unfortunately I can't whip out stuff out of my head like him. I sat down the other night with some time to kill and whipped out this... not sure what else to do with it. but it was a free hand drawing of an elephant... the photo was cropped odd in the first place. i guess it didn't help when i did too.... Anyways a friend of mine says it looks like a dinosaur... maybe i should change the coloring to a more lizard color to give it that effect... who knows...

Fiber Skateboarding

These are some board designs i've done for my friend dayna at her company fiber skateboarding.
all of these are done with a little bit of an ed big daddy roth/jim phillips style. i like how they turned out.
the first one is in print and can be bought.
This is the were-o-dile. I drew this up after watching the venture brothers and reading a book on jim phillips. 
the board is available for purchase now. i am a little disappointed with how the colors turned out but otherwise its pretty cool. having a skateboard you designed and all....

This board i drew while listening to the misfits. In particular the song "I turned into a martian". This is the board i am most excited to see in print. So if everyone buys my other Were-o-dile board this may get printed up!

This is a reaction to the rejected skull board in my previous post. Dayna wanted a skull on a board and this is what i came up with. maybe someday this too may be printed up and for sale.
we'll see.


fiber boards rejects

here are some boards i've done in the past for friend dayna's skateboarding company fiber. (go buy my board!!!)
these are a couple of rejects. i'll post the three approved ones later.


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