Monday, July 6, 2009


these are some of my work i did a few years ago for my bfa. all were done with ink or pencil and digitally colored. i have been trying to work more with actual paints and coloring methods since then...this one is claudio of coheed and cambria fame. at the time i was digging them. though their latest output has been less than satisfactory to my ears.
this is obviously marilyn monroe. i got an award of merit for this one at the student show it was in.
just some gal.
beastman! the first and my favorite of this little trilogy.
trapjaw... one of my favorite characters from the show.
of course he-man!
this is pretty self explanatory.
a cousin of mine wanted a bob marley illustration. this is what i gave him.
this is the pin... from brick.
sick of it all from new york city. word up!
toshiro mifune.... i think from throne of blood....



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  1. I know this is old, but would totally buy a print of the Muppet Core.


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