Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fiber Skateboarding

These are some board designs i've done for my friend dayna at her company fiber skateboarding.
all of these are done with a little bit of an ed big daddy roth/jim phillips style. i like how they turned out.
the first one is in print and can be bought.
This is the were-o-dile. I drew this up after watching the venture brothers and reading a book on jim phillips. 
the board is available for purchase now. i am a little disappointed with how the colors turned out but otherwise its pretty cool. having a skateboard you designed and all....

This board i drew while listening to the misfits. In particular the song "I turned into a martian". This is the board i am most excited to see in print. So if everyone buys my other Were-o-dile board this may get printed up!

This is a reaction to the rejected skull board in my previous post. Dayna wanted a skull on a board and this is what i came up with. maybe someday this too may be printed up and for sale.
we'll see.



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